In various situations, it may be necessary to create as-built plans for apartments. The most common need for as-built measured survey in London is when the owner is planning to refurbish the flat. When creating as-built plans, various levels of detail can be obtained, from the dimensions of the supporting structures to the characteristics of the window openings.

Usually the following drawings are included when apartments are surveyed:

  1. Floor plan. This plan shows all the walls, windows and doors. Built-in cupboards and fireplaces are also shown. The window sill mark and the top of the window mark are shown in the plan. The height of the door leaf is shown for doors. Names of all rooms with a floor mark and ceiling height are given. Kitchen worktops, bathroom and toilet equipment are displayed.
  2. Sections. As a rule, 2 perpendicular sections are made in an apartment. The floor and ceiling are indicated on these sections. The cuts are made according to the completed plan of the apartment with marks.

Additional services for clients: Ceiling plan, socket plan, Internal facades with sockets, radiators, etc.

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