Point cloud to 2D drawings

Creating the As-Built CAD drawings from the Point Cloud files

(We work with surveying, architectural and construction companies)

Point Cloud to 2D CAD Process diagram

Get in touch with a member of our team via e-mail or telephone call. Our typical response time to e-mail enquiries is 10 minutes.


Our prices start from £45+VAT, however the exact cost is calculated individually for each project and depends on the following:

  • Size of the building
  • Building complexity
  • Quantities of drawings required

Typically Point Clouds can be transferred to us suing once of the following ways:

  • WeTransfer
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Mega
  • Hard drive or memory stick

Our typical turnaround time is 3-5 working days. Once all As-Built CAD plans and drawings are completed we will send them to you via email.


Sample of creating the As-Built CAD drawings from the Point Cloud files:

Point Cloud
Point Cloud
Point Cloud
2D Drawings
2D Drawings

Why us?

  • No projects no expenses

Only pay for the services of experienced CAD & Revit specialists when you have a project.

  • Cost effective

We have teams of professionals specializing specifically in “Scan2CAD” & “Scan2BIM” services. What takes over a week for a mid-level CAD/Revit technician will only take few days for our team to achieve the same result, allowing us to reduce the costs.

  • Speed & Availability

Our typical turnaround time for most of our projects is just 3 working days and we can start working on your project on the same day as we receive your point cloud.

  • Experience

Our team of Revit & CAD experts have years of experiences working on projects various sizes and complexities starting from small sheds and houses and finishing with hotels and warehouses.


Some of our works


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