Measured Building surveys

This type of measured survey involves the largest work scale, as it involves the survey of the entire building internally and externally, as it typically includes the basement and all of the technical rooms.

Building surveys


In various situations, it may be necessary to create as-built plans for apartments. The most common need for as-built measured survey in London is when the owner is planning to refurbish the flat.


Point cloud surveys

We provide 3D Point Clouds that can be loaded in various programs and used for creating detailed 3D BIM Revit models, precise as-built AutoCAD drawings…


Building elevations

These building surveys are intended to describe the look and characteristics of all the building elements that make up its facade.

Building facades

Topographical surveys

We use Revit to create detailed topographic maps of an area. Maps imply high accuracy. Topographic map includes all vertical markings and shows the location of trees, bushes, fences, walls, roads…


Commercial building survey

This type of building includes offices, shops, hairdressing salons, warehouses, etc. The floor plan of commercial building is usually “open”.

Measured commercial building survey

Point cloud to 2D drawings

Point cloud to CAD

Point Cloud to 2D CAD Plans and Drawings Service
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