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This page is a professional platform for architects, designers, planners, engineers and students, offering a wide range of quality blueprints and various DWG blocks. The core of this incredible resource is regularly updated with new high-quality content provided by our team, subscribers and users of the website. You can use the presented electronic material for building a plan of interiors, architectural objects, landscape design, modeling 3D cars and vehicles, as well as for many other purposes.

Our intention is to create a large free library of dwg files, nodes, blocks, samples, drawings and ready-made projects for various needs. As a rule, to work with this file format, the AutoCAD program (AutoCAD) is used, which allows you to create new and edit existing files. Files in DWG format mainly contain 2D or 3D drawings of certain objects.

Largest collection of AutoCAD blocks NEW

Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#1

Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#2

Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#3


Kitchen furniture ( Top view )

Kitchen furniture

Download Kitchen furniture ( top view)

On this page you can download a DWG file with various options for kitchen layout. The file contains kitchen furniture, equipment: sinks, hobs. Drawings are grouped into CAD blocks.

Plumbing library ( Top view )

Plumbing library

Download Plumbing library ( top view)

Large CAD library of plumbing blocks in different projections, made in AutoCAD and saved in DWG format. This file contains the following blocks: classic, modern, hydromassage baths, toilets, bidets, sinks, double sinks, single sinks, showers, infrared saunas and more.

Plumbing library – 2 ( Top view )

Plumbing library

Download Plumbing library – 2 ( top view)

An incredible library of DWG blocks for free download: toilets, washbasins, shower cabins, shower trays, bathtubs, mixers in plan & more.

Cushioned furniture ( Top view )

Cushioned furniture

Download Cushioned furniture ( top view)

A large collection of AutoCAD blocks of upholstered furniture for plans in DWG format. The collection includes – sofas, armchairs, ottomans, sections of type-setting upholstered furniture.

Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#1Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#1

Download Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#1

Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#2BIG autocad blocks 2

Download Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#2


Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#3BIG autocad blocks 3

Download Large collection of furniture for AutoCAD#3


Largest collection of AutoCAD blocksBIG autocad blocks 4

Download Largest collection of AutoCAD blocks

  • Kitchen And Living-Room Furniture
    • Table
    • Chair
    • Sofa
    • Other
  • Bedroom Furniture
    • Bed
  • Door & Window
  • Toilet
  • Air & Ship
  • Car, Lorry
  • Tree
  • People
  • Symbol
  • Everything (Chest, Fan, Piano, …)

Dining tables ( Top view )Dining tables

Download Dining tables ( top view)

Furniture for the kitchen and dining room, dining groups that contain drawings of tables and chairs in the projection from above. This AutoCAD file contains: rectangular, square, round tables, bar counters in plan. Lunch groups for 4, 6, 8 and 10 seats. A collection of over 35 quality DWG blocks.

Living room furniture ( Top view )Living room furniture in plan

Download Living room furniture ( top view)

A set of ready-made furniture arrangements for the living room in the plan. This file contains sofas, armchairs, tables, plants, cushions, carpets.

Beds ( Top view )Beds in plan

Download Beds ( top view)

A large set of AutoCAD beds in the top view. Large and small beds, single and double. In addition to bed drawings, the file contains bedside tables, lamps, pillows, bedspreads in the plan.

Doors and windows #1

Doors and windows

Download doors and windows


Doors and windows #2

Doors and windows

Download doors and windows


Doors and windows #3

Autocad Doors and windows blocks

Download doors and windows

Trees ( top view )AutoCAD blocks top trees

Download trees ( top view )

This file presents another excellent set of very different types of trees in plan. This AutoCAD file contains the following types of trees: Oak, Pine, Linden, Spruce, Ash, Bird cherry, Maple, Willow, Walnut, Acacia, Birch, Thuja and many others!

These 2D models will perfectly complement any projects, they will be useful for landscape design, urban plans, general plans and more.

Trees ( Site plan + Color )Autocad blocks colour trees

Download Trees ( Site plan + Color )

An extensive AutoCAD library containing 35 CAD models of trees in plan for your projects and works in DWG format.

Ornamental plantsOrnamental plants

Download ornamental plants

we want to present you another free AutoCAD set of decorative indoor and outdoor plants for your any projects and work, for interiors and outdoor design.

Each 2D model in this DWG file is grouped into CAD blocks for easier import of these objects into other scenes. All plant models in this file are elevated and available for free download.

TreesAutoCAD Trees

Download trees

Big and small CAD blocks of trees in vector for AutoCAD. This DWG file contains 25 tree models in side projection, which you can use when designing parks, streets, courtyards, landscape designs.

Tree ( Top View )trees on top

Download Trees ( Top View )

Large collection of trees in plan with over 200 models. Download free CAD blocks of trees in plan in AutoCAD. High-quality 2D models for your best AutoCAD projects, landscaping, parks, gardens.

People ( Silhouettes)autocad Silhouettes of people

Download people blocks ( Silhouettes)

Small CAD library containing silhouettes of people in DWG format. This file contains over 20 blocks of people in different situations and poses.

Having AutoCAD on your PC or MAC, by opening this file, you can easily save the model data in PNG, PDF or other vector or raster format.

People ( Top View )


Download People ( Top View )

Large set of CAD blocks of people in top projection. This AutoCAD file contains more than 80 blocks of people for plans, which you can use in a variety of projects.

People ( Blocks Library )

Library of people

Download Library of people

A large library of 2D models of people in AutoCAD for free download. Blocks of people: women, men, children, youth, people standing, sitting, with dogs and others.

Cars (Top view)

AutoCAd Cars blocks

Download Library of cars

Free collection of scaled cars in DWZ format, for use in plans and general plans. High-quality rendering of modern cars ready for use in any AutoCAD projects.

Car library

AutoCAD Car library

Download Car library

Free collection of cars, SUVs, motorcycles, mopeds, vans, minibuses in plan, front view, back side view.

This AutoCAD file contains cars of the brands BMW, Wolksvagen, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz. SUVs: Jeep, Land Rover. Sports cars: Porsche, Lamborghini. And also: ambulances, limousines, tow trucks, dump trucks, fuel trucks, concrete mixers, tractors with buckets, vintage cars, pick-ups, vans, convertibles, trailers, sports motorcycles, city scooters, mopeds.

Collection of cars

AutoCAD Car library 2

Download Collection of cars

High-quality DWG library of drawings of trucks, buses, construction equipment. This AutoCAD file contains the following DWG models: passenger buses, school buses, forklifts, trucks with a trailer, covered trucks, double-decker buses, tractors, concrete mixers, tractors, bulldozers, graders.

These AutoCAD blocks are presented in different projections: top view, side view, back, front.

Cornices and friezes

Cornices and friezes

Download Cornices and friezes

An extensive AutoCAD library of architectural elements in different projections. This file contains sections and unfolding of cornices and friezes in DWG format with dimensions.

Ionic, corinthian column

Ionic, corinthian column

Download Ionic, corinthian column