In this section you can download plant families: trees, flowers, grass, bushes and others. All families can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the article.

List of families:

Deciduous – Large – Beech, Deciduous – Large – Oak, Skinny, Deciduous – Large – Oak, Wide, Deciduous – Med – Ash, Deciduous – Med – Birch, Deciduous – Med – Honey Locust, Deciduous – Small – Apple, Deciduous – Small – Blueberry, Deciduous – Small – Cherry, Deciduous – Small – Serviceberry, a_tree35, a_tree49
Evergreen – Fir, Evergreen – Hemlock
Potted_Bamboo, POTTED_PLANT,  Potted_Plant_3D
a_bush12, Grass, kvitnik, palm, Plant, Plant_8135, RPC_Plant_-_Tropical, RPC_Tree_-_Fall, Shrub, Sitka_Spruce, yucca

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