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What are Revit families?

Revit* is Building Information Modelling (BIM), therefore each Revit building model is built from different parts, just like a real building would be. Real buildings are constructed from foundation upwards and would typically have walls various thicknesses and lengths, doors & windows various heights, color, type and so on. The same principle is used in Revit, which makes it an incredible and powerful tool to use.

* – Autodesk Revit – Autodesk company software.

But what are Revit families? – Revit families are amazing libraries of fully functional (BIM) templates & 3D models of various objects ( doors, windows, stairs and so on ), that can be downloaded from external sources, for example from our website. Revit families are crucial part of Revit, as each 3D building model is made from hundreds or thousands of different Revit families.

Door families

window families

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Stairs familiesRailing and fence familiesPlant familiesCar families

Below you can find some definitions of Revit families:

Model – Family Categories – Families – Types – Instance

The model – is the entire building in Revit as a whole.
Family categories – types of elements that a building can is made from: columns, floors, walls, doors, windows etc.
Families – different types of columns: for example, rectangular column, round column, rolled I-beam column.
Types in the family – the same looking rectangular column can be various sizes: 400×400, 500×500, etc.
Instance – there can be several 400×400 columns in one building. Each individual column is called a Instance.

Kinds of families in the Revit.

In Revit, families are essential building components. Key types include:

  1. System families: Built-in elements (e.g., walls, floors, roofs) created within the project environment.
  2. Loadable families: User-created or pre-built elements (e.g., doors, windows, furniture) loaded into projects as needed, created/modified in Revit Family Editor.
  3. In-Place families: Custom, project-specific elements created within the project environment.
  4. Nested families: Families within families for complex components.
  5. Grouped families: Multiple elements combined into a reusable object.
  6. Face-based families: Loadable families placed on planar surfaces, adjusting orientation/location accordingly.
  7. Work Plane-based families: Loadable families requiring a defined work plane.
  8. Line-based families: Loadable families created by drawing a line.
  9. Adaptive families: Loadable families that adapt to different project conditions using adaptive points.

How to load Revit families?

  1. Insert tab > Load from Library – Load Family
  2. Double-click the category of the family.
  3. Select the family that you want to load, and click Open.

Where are Revit family templates located?

C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT xxxx\Family Templates\English_I\

Revit families creation

Families creation is a large and complex topic. Only when you know all the basic functions can you start creating families. Autodesk has made a detailed guide. You can download this manual from the link:  Revit Family Creation: A Step-by-Step Introduction

Revit Families Download For Free

Categories of families with descriptions and pictures you can see below

Revit families from our visitors

Revit families from our visitors

Not long after we started posting free Revit families, we began to receive a lot of comments thanking us for what we do. Among them were some comments from people who also want to share their Revit families libraries with others for free. For this reason we decided to make a separate post which we will regularly update.


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Revit window families set 2

Revit round, arched, triangular and angular windows families

Revit round, half winged, triangular, angular windows families

Our second set of Revit window families is aimed to help architects and designers in modelling buildings like churches and gotic buildings, as well as residential homes and commercial structures where round windows would be applicable. (more…)

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Revit Lighting Families

Revit Lighting FamiliesThere is no greater need for an architect or a designer than an appealing visualized product already packed in a red box. In our effort to alleviate your pain and save more of your precious time, Revit offers a wide range of self-made and unique lighting families available for a quick and free download.

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Revit Railing And Fence Families

Revit railing and fence families download

Small things usually make the whole picture more memorable. In this case, railing and fence families would definitely contribute a lot to your design project.

Railings are usually positioned on high platforms or stairs in order to prevent people from falling down. As a rule of thumb, designers and engineers usually use railings at elevations of more than 500mm. It is also a great opportunity for you to experiment with the interior design using various railings that Revit has on offer! (more…)

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Revit stairs families

Revit stairs families download

We pride ourselves on the quality of stairs we offer here. It has been voted number one among other families. The ladder families are available for a quick and free download at the bottom of this page, so scroll down to check it out!

Stairs make room for realization of your fantastic ideas in terms of interior design and make it possible to experiment with colours and different railings. It is your chance to brighten up your model and make it work the way you want. (more…)

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