Revit railing and fence families download

Railings are on stairs or on high platforms. They protect people from falls. At any elevations of more than 500mm you need to put a railing. The fence has a different function. He is taller. The fence encloses the territory. A fence is needed to protect against penetration.

List of families:

Residential – Spiral Stair – No Stringer, 900mm Steel Wire W Pipe, 1100mm Modern Steel CrossWire, Commercial Glass Panel w Guardrail, Mounted Pipe Handrail 900mmV, Residential Timber Newel and Spindles, 1100mm GuardRail, Commercial – Glass w Fixings, Commercial Handrail – Glass Panel, Cast Iron – Key Clamp Railing
Deco Type, Handrail – Glass Panel w Brackets, Guardrail – Glass Panel, Handrail – Glass Panel, Railing w Panels, Handrail – Pipe – Wall-Ramp, Guardrail – Pipe w Extensions, Handrail – Pipe w Extensions, Handrail – Residential, Fence
Tree Guard
Handrail – Pipe – Wall, Stair Handrail – Pipe w Extensions, Stair Handrail – Residential

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Update 1:

Concrete Balusters

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