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Сhris Alby

Chris AlbyIn 2013 Chris successfully finished his first Undergraduate degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering at the Altai State University.

Following the successful completion of his first degree in the construction fields, Chris decided to expand his knowledge further by completing a Masters Degree in Construction (2015) as well as successfully completing various CAD & BIM courses.

During his time at the university, Chris learned AutoCAD and programming on AutoLisp at an advanced level.

  • 2013 – Technical Engineer, Learned about Revit.
  • 2015 – Structure Engineer of the 3rd category, he studied basic Revit on his own – he will start teaching colleagues.
  • 2016 – Structure Engineer of the 2nd category, he studied Revit Structure, learned how to create families.
  • 2018 – Structure Engineer of the 1st category, fluent in Revit Structure, started learning Dynamo and C # for Revit.
  • 2019 – Leading Structure Engineer, will teaching Revit for new employees in the company.

His publications:

Lidar NewsIn the scanAUGI WorldRevit IQ

Chris has a deep knowledge and years of experience in CAD & BIM technologies, which he successfully implements in managing a BIM & CAD department in Measured Survey Pro.

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