Revit column families download

The column is a basic architectural and structural element. A Revit column family is different from others by having a top and bottom binding to the levels of the model. When the level arrangements are changes (for example the height of the floor is changed) columns are automatically prolonged or shortened, and the specifications of volumes are recalculated accordingly.

Columns are one of the simplest elements to create as a Revit family. In fact. the majority of video tutorials on family creation begin from the creating a column family.

In this article, you can download several samples of Revit column families. All families are free and have been checked for functionality. 

Other families available on our website:

Column DoricOrder
Columnw Pedestal
4 Capital CorinthiumOrder
Body Column Corinthium Order
ColumnCorinthium Order
Corinthium Order
Column DoricOrder
9 Pedestal ColumnDoric Order
10 Column(1)
11 ColumnL – Shaped
12 ColumnRectangular
13 ColumnRound
14 ColumnSquare
15 ColumnT Shaped
16 ColumnX Shaped
17 ColumnChamfered
18 Column 
19 ColumnRectangular
20 ColumnRound
21 ColumnTimber
22 ColumnClad
23   Buttress
24 Pier
25   ColumnRectangular Timber
26 ColumnRectangular
27  Column
шестигранная колонна
28 ColumnTuscan Order