3D Revit model of hotel - restaurant

The building has 2 floors with open terraces. The building is frame with monolithic floors. The roof is wooden, pitched. Revit 3D model has both building structures and a lot of furniture.

The structural diagram of the building can be seen in the drawing below:

Revit 3D Building Structures

On the ground floor there is a large hall and a large general room. Also on the ground floor there is an open hall outside the building. Ground floor plan:Ground floor plan

On the 1st floor there are several separate small rooms, several lounges and an open terrace outside the building. 1st floor plan:

1st floor plan

Both on the first floor and on the second there are several toilets and sinks.

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Author: Mỹ Đình Sông Đà W: ecokientruc.com