Revit repeating details

Revit users do not always use repeating details. But with the right settings, they can greatly reduce the time it takes to create or design drawings. This post presents some of the features of this tool. All examples are collected in 1 file and are free to download.

Types of repeating details for Revit:

  1. Stonework
  2. Brickwork, Blockwork – Section
  3. Metal Studwork – Horizontal
  4. Wall Ties – Dbl Triangle Horizontal
  5. Brickwork – Plan
  6. Suspended Ceiling
  7. Stone Pavers
  8. Concrete Grass Grid
  9. Carpet, Floor Boarding
  10. Beam and Block – Floor Structure
  11. Rails/Purlins
  12. Roofing Profile
  13. Standing Seam Clips
  14. Slab Shuttering
  15. Cedar Panel
  16. Vertical Clay Tiling
  17. Insulated Metal Wall Panel
  18. Roofing Tiles

Stonework, Blockwork for RevitStonework, Blockwork for RevitStonework, Blockwork for RevitStanding Seam - Complete Roof Section Standing Seam Clips Roofing Profile Rails/Purlins Floor Boarding Stone Pavers Wall Ties - Dbl Triangle Horizontal Metal Studwork Composite Metal Roof Panels

Insulated Metal Wall Panel Roofing Tiles Laid Roofing Tiles Laid

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