Revit stair families download

The stair families can be divided into 3 types:

The first type is the family of prefabricated reinforced concrete staircases of multi-story buildings.

For those staircases there is a minimum number of elements required:

  • Landing platform
  • Flight of stairs

The second type is the private houses staircases families. These stairs have more elements and are much more diverse in their materials, as well as their shapes. (We are planning to add families of this type in the near future)

The third type is the metallic stairs families. This type consists of simple elements such as Corners, Channell and so on.

All families can be downloaded on our website free of charge and no registration required. 

Also, in this section, you can download Revit elevator and escalator families.

Other families on our website:

Revit metallic stairs, elevator and escalator families.

33   Lift
34   Lift
35   Lift Electric
36   Lift Hydraulic
37 3D Lift
38   Escalator (1)
39   Escalator (2)
40   Lift Assembly
41   Lift Glass
42  Lift Massive
 32   Escalator
 188   Alternating Tread Device (AUS)
189   Cage Ladder (AUS)
190   Ladder (eng)
191  Alternating Tread Device
192   Cage Ladder
193  Ladder (eng)
200   Roof Ladder (eng)
195   M_Cage Ladder
196   M_Ladder