Computer to work with point cloud
Anyone who ever worked with point clouds noticed PC slowdowns when working with them. I work with Autodesk Revit and it was simply impossible to work during my first experience. The cloud was large and had to be divided into parts in order to be loaded separately. Now we have a large number of computers in our company and on each of them we tried working with different projects. I will share the experience of components and work reviews in this article.Consider 3 computer models (I think it’s easy for you to understand which model is closer to your computer in terms of characteristics):

Model №1

CPU: i5-3550
Video card: Radeon R9 200
RAM: 12Gb

Model №2

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Video card: GeForse GTX1070
RAM: 16Gb

Model №3

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Video card: GeForse GTX1660Ti
RAM: 32Gb

CPU compare for work with point clouds

CPU Compare for point cloud

Video card compare for work with point clouds

Video card compare for point clouds

For comparison, the work was carried out on 3 clouds: Small house (6Gb), big house (15Gb), big hostel (50gb).

  Small house (6Gb) Big house (15Gb) Big hostel (50gb)
 Model №1 starstarstarstar  starstar  star
 Model №2  starstarstarstarstar  starstarstarstar  starstarstar
 Model №3  starstarstarstarstar  starstarstarstarstar  starstarstarstarstar


Be sure that you always have SSD (solid-state drive) because when working with clouds, there is a constant appeal to him.

If you have to work with large objects, then you need to take a computer no worse than № 3 for comfortable work. If you work with small clouds and are ready to bare small lags, then budget computer № 1 is enough.