Revit families

What are Revit families and what is their purpose?

Revit is Building Information Modelling (BIM), therefore each Revit building model is built from different parts, just like a real building would be. Real buildings are constructed from foundation upwards and would typically have walls various thicknesses and lengths, doors & windows various heights, color, type and so on. The same principle is used in Revit, which makes it an incredible and powerful tool to use.

But what are Revit families? – Revit families are amazing libraries of fully functional (BIM) templates & 3D models of various objects ( doors, windows, stairs and so on ), that can be downloaded from external sources, for example from our website. Revit families are crucial part of Revit, as each 3D building model is made from hundreds or thousands of different Revit families.

Door families

window families

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Below you can find some definitions of Revit families:

Model – Family Categories – Families – Types – Instance

The model – is the entire building in Revit as a whole.
Family categories – types of elements that a building can is made from: columns, floors, walls, doors, windows etc.
Families – different types of columns: for example, rectangular column, round column, rolled I-beam column.
Types in the family – the same looking rectangular column can be various sizes: 400×400, 500×500, etc.
Instance – there can be several 400×400 columns in one building. Each individual column is called a Instance.

Revit toilet families download


There are families of toilets in every home. Somewhere you need only a toilet. Somewhere a bidet, toilets, special toilets for the disabled and others. Here you can download many types of toilets for free.


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Revit door families

Revit door families download

Doors are a base component of Revit. When adding a door to the wall, an opening is automatically formed. Volumes and areas are also automatically deducted from the area of the wall where a door is placed. This makes it very convenient for wall area calculations. (more…)

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Revit window families

Revit window families downloadWindows are basic Revit components that are especially popular among contractors, designers and architects as they are required for the majority of all building projects. 

Unless we are talking about the most basic windows, in the majority of cases it is easier and faster to modify and adjust a window to make it to your need and looks, instead of modelling and programming a window from scratch. 

Below you will find window families in various designs, sizes and shapes. All of our window families are fully functional and can be adjusted to fit the needs of your project.  (more…)

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Revit kitchen families

Revit kitchen families download

Revit families of complete kitchen sets and individual kitchen units.

Revit kitchen family sets are designed to help architects speed up the process of conceptual designs or where modelling of like-for-like kitchens is not necessary and they are modeled just to fulfil the overall model image. 

Additionally, other kitchen families are available such as sinks, refrigerators and smaller appliances that would fulfil even custom kitchens.

All of our families are available for a free download. 

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Revit plant families


Pot, plant and tree families have not been particularly popular in Revit as not all designers and architects use Revit for rendering or visualisation purposes. Although on the other side Revit can offer quick and relatively good quality simple renders. For that reason, the following Revit families were uploaded for a free download.

 All families can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the article. (more…)

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Revit column families free download

Revit column families download

The column is a basic architectural and structural element. A Revit column family is different from others by having a top and bottom binding to the levels of the model. When the level arrangements are changes (for example the height of the floor is changed) columns are automatically prolonged or shortened, and the specifications of volumes are recalculated accordingly. (more…)

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